When running a B2B store on Magento 2 CE 2.2.4 and utilizing UPS as the shipping method, there is a limitation with the freight options available for larger orders.

The UPS shipping method does not provide any freight options when the product weight for the order exceeds a certain limit.

This results in the default error message ‘This shipping method is currently unavailable.’

Investigating Weight Restrictions

The UPS API seems to have its own weight restrictions, as even raising the weight setting to extreme values such as 10,000 lbs does not result in the provision of any freight options.

Possible Solutions

Custom Development

One way to address this issue is through custom development.

By extending the UPS shipping module in Magento 2, developers can modify the weight restrictions and enhance the freight options available for UPS.

Third-Party Shipping Extensions

Another solution could be to explore third-party shipping extensions specifically designed to integrate with UPS and provide more extensive freight options for larger orders.

Magento Version Compatibility

This problem was observed on Magento 2 CE version 2.2.4.

It is important to note that newer Magento versions may have addressed this limitation, so upgrading to a more recent version could potentially resolve the UPS freight options unavailability issue.


The lack of freight options for UPS in Magento 2 can be a significant challenge for B2B stores with larger orders.

By investigating weight restrictions, considering custom development or third-party extensions, and staying informed about Magento version updates, merchants can work towards resolving this issue and providing a more comprehensive shipping experience for their customers.