If you are using Magento version 2.3 and want to add 'Home' and 'About' links before displaying categories in the category navigation, you might encounter challenges finding relevant information from older versions.

Here's how you can achieve this in Magento 2.3.

Understanding the Requirement

To accomplish this, we need to customize the category navigation to display 'Home' and 'About' links before the category links.

1. Create a Custom Module

Start by creating a custom module to override the navigation block and template files.

2. Override Block

Override the Topmenu block to modify the category navigation.

Modify the block to include the 'Home' link before the categories.

4. Modify Template

Update the top menu template to position the 'Home' link in the desired location.

Here's a glimpse of the code changes needed for the custom module:

// app/code/YourVendor/YourModule/etc/di.xml

<type name="Magento\Theme\Block\Topmenu">

<plugin name="add_home_link" type="YourVendor\YourModule\Block\Topmenu\BeforeGetHtml" />


Adding the 'About' link follows a similar approach as adding the 'Home' link, with appropriate modifications in the module files.

Additional Considerations

When implementing these changes, ensure that the module follows Magento best practices and does not interfere with other functionalities.