You can't directly. But there are workarounds.

  1. Switch to Desktop View: AMP is only applicable to mobile sites. You can avoid AMP by switching to desktop mode in your browser. This can be done in Chrome by tapping the three dots at the top right corner and selecting the "Desktop site" option​​.
  2. Use a Different Search Engine: Google AMP is specific to Google, so using an alternative search engine like Microsoft Bing, DuckDuckGo, or Yahoo can avoid AMP versions of websites​​.
  3. Use the "i" to Switch to Non-AMP Mobile Site: In Chrome and Google Search, when you open an AMP site, you can tap the "i" icon at the top left corner of your screen. This will show a link that, when tapped, redirects you to the non-AMP mobile site​​.
  4. Try a New Browser: If nothing else works and this is a serious problem switching to a different browser like Mozilla Firefox or the DuckDuckGo browser can help, as these browsers natively disable AMP​​.
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Why would you want to disable Google AMP?

  1. Preference for Original Webpage Layout: AMP pages often have a simplified layout, which might not include all features and design elements of the original website.
  2. Tracking and Privacy Concerns: Some users are concerned about tracking and data collection practices associated with AMP pages.
  3. Performance Issues: While AMP is designed to load pages faster, it may sometimes lead to performance issues or glitches, especially on devices with a strong internet connection where the speed benefit is less noticeable.
  4. Limited Functionality: AMP pages may lack certain functionalities present in the full version of the site, such as interactive elements or specific scripts.
  5. Control Over Content: Website owners and users might prefer to have full control over how content is displayed and interacted with, rather than relying on Google's AMP framework.
  6. Content Authenticity: Users might want to ensure they are accessing the website directly to guarantee the content's authenticity and the latest updates.