Check Database Configuration

Review the database configuration in Magento.

Ensure that the database connection details, such as hostname, username, password, and port, are correctly specified in the Magento configuration file, typically located at app/etc/env.php.

Examine MySQL Server Settings

Check the MySQL server settings for any timeout configurations or connection limits that might be causing the intermittent loss of connection.

Adjust these settings if necessary in the MySQL configuration file, such as my.cnf or my.ini, depending on your server environment.

Investigate Long-Running Queries

Identify any long-running queries that could be leading to the lost connection.

Analyze the database queries being executed when the error occurs.

You can utilize tools like MySQL's slow query log to identify and optimize these queries to prevent extended execution times.

Evaluate Server Resource Utilization

Assess the server's resource utilization during the occurrence of the error.

High server loads or memory constraints can contribute to connection losses.

Use server monitoring tools to track resource usage and consider upgrading server resources if necessary.

Verify Network Stability

Ensure that the network connectivity between the Magento application server and the MySQL server is stable.

Network issues, such as intermittent packet loss or latency spikes, can cause connection disruptions.

Thoroughly examine the network infrastructure and address any underlying network instability.

Contact Hosting Provider

If you recently migrated your website to a new hosting account prior to experiencing this error, consider engaging your hosting provider for support.

They may be able to provide insights into server configurations or potential network issues specific to their environment.

By systematically examining these potential causes and implementing the corresponding solutions, you can work towards resolving the 'SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2013 Lost connection to MySQL server during query' error in your Magento instance. Stay vigilant in monitoring the system after addressing each potential cause to validate the effectiveness of the solutions.