When attempting to update a layout for a specific CMS page, such as 'product-finder', in Magento 2.4.3, the Custom Layout Update option may not appear in the dropdown menu under the admin panel for that page.

This issue can occur even after following the suggested approach in the Magento documentation.


Several potential causes could lead to this issue. First, verify that the XML file 'product-finder_ProductFinderlayout.xml' is located in the correct directory: app/design/frontend/MyVendor/child_theme/Magento_Cms/layout/. Ensure that the file is properly named and formatted according to Magento's requirements. Additionally, clear the cache to ensure that any changes are reflected in the admin panel.

Potential Causes

This issue might arise due to incorrect file placement, naming conventions, or XML syntax errors.

It is essential to double-check the file's location, name, and content to ensure that Magento can recognize and apply the custom layout update to the expected CMS page.


To resolve this issue, ensure the following:

1. XML File Location

Confirm that the XML file is in the correct directory, i.e., app/design/frontend/MyVendor/child_theme/Magento_Cms/layout/.

2. File Naming

Verify that the XML file is named according to Magento's conventions, containing the correct URL suffix and reflecting the custom layout update intended for the 'product-finder' page.

3. XML Syntax

Check the XML file for any syntax errors or discrepancies that could prevent Magento from parsing and applying the custom layout update.

By thoroughly reviewing the file's location, naming, and content, developers can effectively debug the absence of the Custom Layout Update option for a specific CMS page in Magento 2.4.3.

By addressing potential causes such as file placement, naming conventions, and XML syntax errors, developers can ensure that the custom layout update is properly recognized and applied within the Magento admin panel.