If you've encountered the issue of the sales_order_save_after event being called twice after placing an order in Magento 2, you're not alone.

Understanding the Problem

The sales_order_save_after event is intended to be triggered once when an order is saved.

However, in some instances, developers have reported that this event is fired twice, leading to duplicate processing and log entries.

This behavior can be perplexing, especially when relying on accurate order processing and data logging.

Investigating the Root Cause

To start troubleshooting this issue, it's essential to examine the configuration and code that might be influencing the event triggering mechanism.

The problem could stem from incorrect event registration, unexpected data changes, or even third-party module interference.

Checking Event Observers Configuration

Begin by reviewing the events.xml file associated with the custom module responsible for observing the sales_order_save_after event.

Ensure that the event is registered only once and there are no duplicate registrations or conflicting configurations within the same or different modules.

<event name="sales_order_save_after">

<observer instance="Vendor\Module\Observer\Sales\OrderSaveAfter" name="vendor_module_observer_sales_ordersaveafter_sales_order_save_after"/>


Analyzing Observer Logic

Inspect the logic inside the observer class (Vendor\Module\Observer\Sales\OrderSaveAfter) to identify any scenarios that might unintentionally trigger the processing logic multiple times.

Verify that the event handling code within the observer is designed to execute only once per order save action.

public function execute(

\Magento\Framework\Event\Observer $observer

) {

// Add your logic here


Considering Data Changes and Logic Flow

Examine the flow of data manipulation and state changes within the Magento order saving process.

Look for any operations that might lead to the sales_order_save_after event being fired multiple times due to state changes, status updates, or re-saving scenarios within the order lifecycle.

Resolving Module Interference

If the issue persists despite confirming the correctness of the custom module's implementation, investigate possible conflicts with other third-party extensions.

Temporary disablement or isolation of external modules to pinpoint the source of the duplicate event triggering.

By thoroughly examining the event registration, observer logic, data flow, and module interactions, you can isolate and address the root cause of this behavior, ensuring that the event is triggered only once per order save action for consistent and accurate processing.