Medium is a great way how to acquire more readers. Once you post a story on your blog (Ghost) you might want to re-post it on Medium. Of course you can do this manually but takes time that could be actually used for creative purposes.

In this day and age it seems reasonable to expect that we could easily automate the way we publish our stories on multiple platforms. Here is how to do it from Ghost to Medium.

Create an account

First of all you will need a Zapier account. So go to and create an account.

Make and new zap

Once you have the account click on "Make a zap".  Select the App you are using - Ghost and the action you want to observe - "Post published".

Get API credentials from Ghost

Admin API Key and Admin API URL

Find these details in Ghost Admin under Integrations » Zapier

Configure app and action

Once you have established the connection you will want to choose the target app and event. In our case we will choose Medium as App and 'Create post' as action.

Basically we have created this logic - if we create a post on Ghost our zap will pick this up and will create a story on Medium.

Customize the Medium story

You can select which fields and content you want to create here. Make sure to include the title, content (html) and any information that is essential for the post. It will show options from your Ghost posts and populate it from your previous posts.

Test the ZAP and enable it

You can test and review the post that will be created after a new Ghost post.

You created your first Zap. Congrats!

Once you see this message you can go to your Ghost panel and publish a post. Zap will make sure that Medium also creates a new story.


Sometimes you will get this message when you have just sign up for the account.

Publishing limited due to account newness, incomplete profile, or inactivity.

Do not worry. You simply have to enter more details in your profile and complete the steps that are listed in your Zapier account. If you do not have time for that you can skip the Test and complete it later. Just keep in mind that you wont be able to sync the apps until this has been completed.

Zapier is a great service that allows us to automate tasks without using a single line of code. This works great for simple tasks that do not have complex requirements. What other things you would like to automate?

As always let us know if you have any questions or comments.