Update: This post is no longer relevant as Zapier’s current Twitter integration will stop working due to Twitter's decision to change its API policy and pricing. You can find more information here: https://help.zapier.com/hc/en-us/articles/18657531069965-App-update-Twitter-integration-removal

Twitter is a great tool to gain more audience and broaden the reach of your blog. If you have a new blog you are wondering how to get the initial push. One way to acquire traffic without paid ads is to do the marketing yourself. Today we are looking at how to automatically create a tweet after publishing a new post on Ghost.

Create an account

We will be using Zapier to create the integration. So if you do not have an account yet go here https://zapier.com/ and create it.

Create a Zap

We want to create a new zap. The app is Ghost and we want to use action - "Post Published".

Target app and action

Now we want to setup our target app - Twitter (make sure you have an account) and action we want to execute when post is published in Ghost - "Create Tweet".

Setup tweet content

You customize exactly what type of data you wish to include in the tweet. Keep in mind that tweet is limited to 280 characters. So you want to keep this short and to the point.  

Test and publish

Once you have setup the content you can test it - it will use your last Ghost post for content. Once you are satisfied remember to enable the Zap.

Marvel at the result

Once it is ready you can see the tweet in your Twitter account.

You can automate many things using Zapier. Take a look here https://techflarestudio.com/how-to-automate-posts-ghost-to-medium/ to see how we can integrate Ghost and Medium using a similar strategy.